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Courses on SD and Interships

Green Teacher- Diploma in Environment Education
Centre for Environment Education (CEE), India

CEE and Common Wealth of Learning (COL), Vancouver, Canada have established the Green Teacher: Diploma in Environmental Education, a Distance Learning Programme. The programme addresses the rapidly growing need for continuing education and professional development in the field of Environmental Education (EE), and is geared to build capacity of teachers and educators.

Postgraduate Semester in Land-Use Science

Brown University, Providence, USA

The Watson Scholars program brings environmental leaders from university faculties, governments, and nongovernmental organizations throughout the developing world to Brown University for advanced training in land-change sciences and policies, providing them with tools to enhance the sustainable development capacity in their countries. The program offers an intensive program in sustainable land-use science to provide mastery of critical concepts, relevant tools, and transferable processes necessary for successfully managing land and ecosystems.

M.Sc. modules and courses in Sustainable Development
University of Exeter, Exeter, UK

A programme to study Sustainable Development for graduates, professionals and practitioners in the field, conducted by the University of Exeter, UK. Drawing on the expertise from two of the University’s leading schools (the School of Geography, Archaeology and Earth Resources and the School of Education and Lifelong Learning), the course approaches sustainable development from a holistic and multi-disciplinary perspective to offer students both a thorough grounding in the principles that underlie sustainability and the means by which to implement these principles in a range of contexts. The course can be studied on a full-time, part-time or distance-learning basis.

M.Sc. programmes and PG Diploma/Certificate courses
Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montford University, Leicester, UK

M.Sc. programmes and PG Diploma/Certificate courses in “Climate Change and Sustainable Development” and “Energy and Sustainable Building Design”, offered for graduates and professionals with possibilities of studying full-time, part-time or on in distance-learning mode.

M.Sc./PG Diploma/PG Certificate in Sustainable Development
Programme Commences: September of each year
University of Stirling, Scotland

Commencing in September of each year, this postgraduate programme in Sustainable Development, is aimed at providing an understanding of the scientific principles, economic, social, political and legal frameworks of Sustainable Development. The programme is offered in full-time or part-time mode.
Email: (Ms Rose Goodacre, Programme Coordinator)

Postgraduate Programmes in Sustainable Development
Imperial College, London, UK

Imperial College, UK offers the following programmes in Sustainable Development: Master in Science, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate. Students can enroll as part-time, through distance-learning or a combination of the two, depending on the selected programme. The purpose of the proposed M.Sc. course in Sustainable Development is to enable the acquisition of appropriate skills that they may be better able to address the globalization and sustainability challenges of this millennium.

Training Programs in Community-based Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development, Colorado State University, USA

On-campus and online certificate courses, and study tours offered for organizations and individuals who work with village communities. These courses are based on the Village Earth Approach which is a multi-sectoral, integrated and participatory approach to development.  Besides the following Certificate Program Courses, special courses are also offered on request:

  1. Participatory Practices for Sustainable Development
  2. Approaches to Community Development
  3. Community Mobilization and Organization
  4. Methods for Sustaining Development
  5. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  6. CommunityCapacityBuilding
  7. Technology in Community- based Development
  8. Micro-enterprise Development
  9. Political Empowerment and Community Development
  10. Supporting Limited Resource Agriculture Producers
  11. Role of Effective Leadership in Sustainable Community Development
  12. Micro Finance Projects: Sustainable Community Development and the role of women





Internship opportunities in Sustainable Development from around the world:

Centre for Environment Education
The Centre for Environment Education, India offers various types of internships for students as well as professionals interested in Education for Sustainable Development.
Duration: Range from two months to a maximum of a year.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
The European Secretariat of International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives – Local Governments for Sustainability is offering an internship within its Sustainable Procurement Team. The Team supports public authorities in developing and implementing green public procurement and sustainable procurement policies and strategies. The internship will be of benefit particularly for anyone who seeks international professional experience and is interested in sustainable development with a special focus on sustainable procurement at the European level.
Duration: Six months, commencing at the end of January 2007.
Location: ICLEI European Secretariat, Freiburg, Germany.

South Asia Youth Environment Network
The South Asia Youth Environment Network (SAYEN) works to ensure effective youth participation in decision making process to promote sustainable development in South Asia. As part of its mission, SAYEN offers internships to young graduates starting their career or higher education or for whom it is an academic requirement. There are two types of internships available: (a) Structured, offered during a fixed time of the year; (b) Non-structured, available at any time of the year.
Duration: Can range from a month to nine months.
Location: At any of the project offices of the Centre for Environment Education, India and also at UNEP.

Sustainable Development Policy Institute
The Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan offers internships to fresh Master’s degree holders and also to students on the verge of completing their post-graduate studies. The institute, a policy-oriented research organisation, will expose youth to practical situations, build their knowledge base, impart skills and train them to become useful members of the society.

United Nations Development Programme, Action for Cooperation and Trust
UNDP’s initiative in Cyprus, Action for Cooperation and Trust, is offering a small group of outstanding university students the opportunity to acquire experience working as interns in the United Nations system. The programme will help successful applicants to gain a greater understanding of UNDP’s development policies and thematic priorities. Interns shall work in the area of sustainable development and the environment among other areas.

United Nations University
Internship programmes are being offered in Environment and Sustainable Development as well as other areas at the United Nations University. Applications are considered four times a year at the end of January, April, July and October. The duration of the internship will be for at least three months with a maximum duration limited to six months.

US Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
Internships and various other volunteer positions offered by the US Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, a partnership of individuals, organizations, and institutions in the United States dedicated to the Decade.